Announcing – Wearable Technologies

Cambridge University Press is pleased to announce a major new open access journal, Wearable Technologies, the first journal dedicated to publishing original research and industrial developments related to wearable devices.

Watch: Why shaking your head will NOT remove water from your ear

Removing water from your ear canal by shaking requires an acceleration 10 times that of gravity according to research from Sunny Jung at Virginia Tech (now Cornell).…

Is Extinction Rebellion the answer to our prayers?

Throngs of young (and not so young) people refusing to pretend that the human race is not in the most serious crisis it has ever faced.…

Colostrum provision to dairy calves

The animal article of the month for November is “Transfer of passive immunity in dairy calves: the effectiveness of providing a supplementary colostrum meal in addition to nursing from the dam” by Lora et al.…

The Materials Research Society Congratulates the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 winners

Copyright © Nobel Media 2019. Illustration: Niklas Elmeh   Congratulations to John B. Goodenough, The University of Texas at Austin, M.

Meet the Editors: Q&A with Professor Stephen Phillips MBE, Editor-in-Chief of Parasitology

Welcome to our  “Meet the Editors” series, where we interview the editorial team about their work and their relationship to the journal.…

Ognjen awarded MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize

MRS Bulletin is pleased to announce that Ognjen Ilic has been selected to receive the 2019 MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize.

‘Great things are done when (Wo)Men & Mountains meet’. Cécile Morette and the Les Houches Summer School for Theoretical Physics (1951-1972)

This article explores the history of what was surely one of the strongest elements of that social apparatus, and one of the most innovative: the first and most effective ‘crash course’ in theoretical physics, the Les Houches School of Theoretical Physics, a summer school founded in 1951 by the young Cécile Morette (1922-1971), in a small alpine village.