Why do some psychiatrists thrive and not others?

The RCPsych Article of the Month for October is from BJPsych Bulletin and is entitled ‘Personal resilience in psychiatrists: systematic review’ by Ranjita Howard, Catherine Kirkley and Nicola Baylis.

Meet the Editors: Q&A with Professor Stephen Phillips MBE, Editor-in-Chief of Parasitology

Welcome to our  “Meet the Editors” series, where we interview the editorial team about their work and their relationship to the journal.…

New journal to explore the “mysterious ecosystem” in our guts

A new open access journal from Cambridge University Press, published in partnership with The Nutrition Society, will explore the vital interaction between people and the complex community of microorganisms that live in our digestive systems The journal, Gut Microbiome, will look at the factors that influence this gut microbiota and how they in turn affect our health and development.…

Development of a diet quality score reflecting the 2017 French dietary guidelines

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for October is from the British Journal of Nutrition and is entitled ‘Programme National Nutrition Santé – guidelines score 2 (PNNS-GS2): development and validation of a diet quality score reflecting the 2017 French dietary guidelines’

Schistosomiasis then and now; what has changed in the last 100 years?

Centennial Reflections – a distinguished parasitologist reflects on a paper published in their field in Parasitology 100 years ago A paper entitled “Bilharziasis in Natal”, published in Parasitology in 1918 by Dr F.…

10 things we learned about the History of Reproduction

We brought together experts from several disciplines and challenged them to think about change and continuity in the history of procreation.

Low intelligence linked to suicide risk later in life

People with low emotional control and low scores on intelligence tests in adolescence run a higher risk of suicide later in life.

Product co-creation: together we can build something wonderful

Co-creation is not a new idea. For years companies have been seeking advice from their customers about how they can improve their products and services, either by asking directly, by quietly listening, or by learning from data.…