Affordable, healthy and sustainable diets across all income groups in the UK

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for April is from Public Health Nutrition and is entitled 'Healthy and sustainable diets that meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and are affordable for different income groups in the UK' by Authors Christian J Reynolds, Graham W Horgan, Stephen Whybrow and Jennie I Macdiarmid.

Physical harm warning urges patients to use medicine correctly

Patients warned about the personal health risks of misusing medicine were almost twice as likely to heed the advice and take and it correctly, a new study has found.…

Genetics could provide a pathway to understanding treatment-resistant depression

Treatment-resistant depression is the most unfavourable outcome for patients suffering from depression: one-third of depressed patients do not respond to at least two different treatments and they continue to suffer from depression and its consequences, including social isolation, decline in work functioning and – in the worst case – suicide.

The Other Side of Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injuries affect many children each year. They include brain injuries related to stroke, trauma (e.g., blows to the head), prematurity, cardiac arrest and other ways that oxygen to the brain is reduced or cut off, and infections.…

What makes a decision ‘shared’?

RCPsych Article of the Month for April is from The British Journal of Psychiatry (BJPsych) and is entitled ‘Involving patients with dementia in decisions to initiate treatment: effect on patient acceptance, satisfaction and medication prescription’ by Authors Jemima Dooley, Nick Bass, Gill Livingston and Rose McCabe.

Weevil contraceptive: parasitic castration to fight agricultural pests

The latest Paper of the Month for Parasitology is ‘Prevalence of a nematode castrator of the carrot weevil and impact on fecundity and survival‘ by Annie-Ève Gagnon, Guy Boivin, Guy Bélair Not a day goes by without pesticides making news headlines.…

Celebrating the Special Issue on Cultural Adaptations of CBT

One again I would like to thank Richard Thwaites (Editor-in-Chief of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist) and Cambridge University Press for providing me with this opportunity to share some thoughts about the recent  launch of the Special Issue of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (tCBT) on Cultural Adaptations.…

Understanding caregivers’ struggle with infant formula choices

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight ‘Informed choice or guessing game? Understanding caregivers’ perceptions and use of infant formula labelling’

How the past shapes our futures: the DOHAD concepts

The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) is a discipline that studies health across a life course. This perspective studies the effect of early life course decisions, opportunities, and conditions on later outcomes.…

Intakes of Different Types of Protein Foods from 1999 to 2010

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight ‘Trends in types of protein in US adults: results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999–2010’

Do global guidelines for calcium supplementation to prevent preeclampsia put women at risk of excessive intake: evidence from Ethiopia suggests this could be the case

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight ‘Applying international guidelines for calcium supplementation to prevent pre-eclampsia: simulation of recommended dosages suggests risk of excess intake in Ethiopia’ Authors: Biniyam Tesfaye, Kate Sinclair, Sara E Wuehler, Tibebu Moges, Luz Maria De-Regil and Katherine L Dickin discuss their research below.

Street-involved teens and young adults who are food insecure are more likely to experience depression than those who are food secure

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight: ‘Food insufficiency is associated with depression among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting’ Authors: Julia Goldman-Hasbun, Ekaterina Nosova, Kora DeBeck, Lucia Dahlby and Thomas Kerr discuss their research below.