The Political Theory of American Populism

The study of the late nineteenth-century American Populist movement has long been one of the liveliest fields in American historiography. This stature definitely is fitting for one of the most formidable social movements in American history – and an uncomfortable outlier to today’s anti-populist consensus.

Bringing the Past to (Virtual) Life through Digital History Research and Pedagogy

The Mitford and Launditch Hundred House of Industry, now the Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse Museum, presents the historian with major opportunities for (re)imagining the past. Our digital modelling necessitated pulling off the mask it currently wears as a museum, stripping away the residue of its time as a twentieth-century Old Age Home, and uncovering the architectural and functional changes that turned it into a Union Workhouse of the New Poor Law period, after 1834.

Why remember the fifth of November?

It shows that the king did not share the interpretation of the Gunpowder plot and the purposes of thanksgiving which were propounded by parliament and by generations of English preachers and writers... as further justification for anti-catholic beliefs and policies.


When, in September 2019, the editors of the Journal of Modern African Studies invited Professor Moses Ochonu, a historian at Vanderbilt University, to write a brief on recurrent xenophobia in South Africa, we were unsettled by the apparent contradiction between repeated attacks on individuals from other African countries, and the idea of Ubuntu, a philosophical insistence on Afro-human solidarity championed most vigorously within the South African academy.

Nationalism, capitalism and the swadeshi movement in colonial India

This notion of swadeshi capitalism was a cultural, political and economic response to colonialism, one which aimed to secure economic and political sovereignty.

Sociability and religious conversion in 18th and early 19th century northern England

Conversation and visiting could be considered as aids to piety, by encouraging individuals to debate and reflect on religious doctrine and to share their struggles with their faith and receive encouragement.

When the United States learned from Russian expertise

In the current global health emergency many countries are turning in on themselves. Such a response in difficult times has not always been the case, and expertise to help has sometimes flowed in unexpected directions.…

In a roundtable for New Perspectives on Turkey, five scholars discuss the global political economic consequences of the pandemic

It has been nine months since the “normal” has been disrupted with the emergence of a novel coronavirus and while we continue to be in the clasp of the COVID-19 pandemic the “new normal” has not ossified yet.…