Race before Darwin: Variation, adaptation and the natural history of man in post-Enlightenment Edinburgh, 1790–1835

The late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries provide a particularly enlightening example of the ways that the meaning of race can shift and change in surprising ways over time.

Why are we launching Higher Education from Cambridge University Press?

Higher Education from Cambridge University Press is our new online textbook website. The beta version of the site has launched on 30th June, 2020.…

Eating game: proteins, international conservation and the rebranding of African wildlife, 1955–1965

My article discusses how this approach of ‘conservation by slaughter’ – as one high-profile ecologist called it – managed to gain traction.

Cultivating famine: data, experimentation and food security, 1795–1848

In the eighteenth century, the potato was viewed by many European countries as an exotic vegetable, introduced with numerous purposes: as animal feed, as a delicacy, and as a crop suitable for peasants and farm labourers to cultivate in small gardens and allotments.

COVID-19’s Impact on Youth Un/employment and Social Policy in Turkey

The COVID-19 crisis is an unprecedented one in terms of its reach and pervasiveness, and it exposed the vulnerabilities of the global social, political, and economic system. That said, its impact on countries has been uneven and this unevenness depended heavily on the position countries were in immediately prior to the crisis. In Turkey, the key issue of youth un/employment emerged as one of the long-lasting ones since it was a major challenge before the crisis. Policy-making emerged as another key issue as the ability to generate long-term planning escaped Turkey and countries alike for a while. Regardless of when we will get past the pandemic, the post-COVID-19 world will be an extremely difficult one.

The Gilded Age Made a Return to the Gilded Age Impossible

The Gilded Age itself, and the progressive policies it led to, have made capitalism bearable for most who live under it.

Bringing The ‘Ring’ Back In: The Politics of Booty Capitalism

We live in an age of great political fortunes. It is hardly the first. During the 1860s and 1870s, party politics was an enticing way for the ambitious to get rich quick.

The pitfalls of video calls (and how to avoid them like a pro)

Let’s face it – stepping (sitting) in front of a camera has become a staple component of working from home during the global pandemic.…