Half a century of publishing, a fond farewell and lots of cake

The September 2012 African Studies Association UK meeting (ASAUK) was one to remember. Not only did it coincide with the 50th anniversary of The Journal of Modern African Studies (JMAS), it also marked the retirement of Professor Christopher Clapham from the Editorship of the Journal.…

Portraying Petroleum: Examining the impact of Oil on American culture

How has oil shaped American Culture? How do we explain the dominance of oil capitalism in American society? How has oil impacted on media, film, propaganda and art in the past 150 years?

Perspectives on Politics Marks 10 Years Despite Canceled Conference

The 2012 American Political Science Association (APSA) Meeting & Exhibition, set to begin August 30, 2012 in New Orleans, was canceled as Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.…

Carping on to critical acclaim: Bulletin of SOAS article wins 6th Inoue Yasushi Award

Edwina Palmer is the winner of the 6th Inoue Yasushi Award for Outstanding Research in Japanese Literature in Australia and New Zealand.

Life on the ground: Exploring the Africa ‘Local Intellectuals Strand’

In the latest issue of Africa Carola Lentz (University of Mainz) introduces the work of Kumbonoh Gandah, an intellectual and historian from Northern Ghana. Gandah was the son of an influential chief and witnessed the way in which colonial rule and political developments played out in Northern Ghana during the 1940s and 1950s.…

The Heart of Anti-American Sentiment in Muslim Countries

The US struggle for hearts and minds in Muslim countries has been aiming at the wrong targets, a new study claims.…

Recruiting a journal editor: an HSS challenge

Some of the most important decisions that a journals publisher has to make involve selecting a new editorial team. This process can take many months, and can require careful analysis of both objective and subjective factors.