Predicting eating quality of beef: the myth is becoming a reality

Consumers want beef that is safe, nutritious and of predictable eating quality. Beef traits should match these expectations. Two recently published papers reviewed research into predicting beef quality.…

The Place of the Holy Man

The early centuries in the history of Christian asceticism, and of monasticism that it gave rise to, invite a short and accessible overview.

Reconsidering Revelation: Historical Explorations and Contemporary Murmurs

The theophany at Sinai and the idea of revelation are among the core issues of Jewish theology

Cambridge holds inaugural Partners Summit

Academic welcomed 50 of our journal society partners and editors from all over the world to our inaugural summit

Salivary biomarkers of sexual development for hormone-free pig reproduction

The animal article of the month for April is ‘Salivary and urinary metabolome analysis for pre-puberty-related biomarkers identification in porcine’ In pig farms, creation of batches of sows has developed extensively due to advantages for the management of reproductive females and offspring.…

Solving polynomial systems using a fast adaptive back propagation-type neural network algorithm

In recent years, applied analysis has seen an increase in interest in neural networks.

Discrediting Experiences

The RCPsych Article of the Month for March is from BJPsych Open and is entitled ‘Discrediting experiences: outcomes of eligibility assessments for claimants with psychiatric compared with non-psychiatric conditions transferring to personal independence payments in England'

Caution required! Researchers document effect of dicamba and glyphosate on potato crops

Cultivars of soybean and cotton that are tolerant of dicamba and glyphosate have been a big hit with growers, allowing them to treat broadleaf weeds throughout the growing season – without damaging their crops.…

New wallaby-sized dinosaur from the ancient Australian-Antarctic rift valley

Upper jaws of a new dinosaur from Victoria, Australia, give fresh insight into the diversity of small herbivorous dinosaurs that once inhabited the ancient Australian-Antarctic rift valley 125 million years ago A new, wallaby-sized herbivorous dinosaur has been identified from five fossilized upper jaws in 125 million year old rocks from the Cretaceous period of Victoria, southeastern Australia.…

Report reveals area considered for protection is a UK baby dolphin ‘hotspot’

A new scientific paper calling for more protection for a population of Risso’s dolphins living in a ‘hotspot’ around Lewis in Scotland has been published ahead of the Scottish government public consultation on this and three other proposed protected sea area sites.…

Why Publish in Law & Social Inquiry?

The American Bar Foundation and Law & Social Inquiry (LSI) are thrilled to begin our new partnership with Cambridge University Press and encourage you to read our first issue published together here.…

Challenging International Relations (IR) at its “Centenary”

In 2007 we published a forum in International Relations of the Asia-Pacific on ‘Why Is There No Non-Western IR theory?’. There, and in a subsequent edited book (Non-Western International Relations Theory: Perspectives on and Beyond Asia, 2010), we posed it as a challenge to IR scholars to get their voices and their histories into the global debates on how to think about IR, both for their sakes, and as a necessity for the balanced development of the discipline.…